International Trainer Visits Hong Kong

Following on from the previous article,  this month we are proud to announce the recent visit of Ms Mary Longden the International Paralympic trainer The Sport Sub Committee has employed to act as director of training for the paralympic riders.

Mary Longden will come to Hong Kong to help our riders frequently during 2006. She also responsible for the long term plans for our riders prior to 2008.

Mary has previously trained the Australian and Canadian teams to achieve gold medal wins at the Paralympics in 2000 and 2004.

In Marys’ absence the riders will be trained by Nick Rodgers (originally Chief Riding Instructor for H.K.J.C. for eight years) Nick has a long history of training and is also an International Paralympic Dressage Judge.

Marys visit lasted 5 days. During which time she worked with Nelson Yip, Lam Tung and Gordon Li. All these riders are potential team members for 2008. Other riders who are on the Sport Sub Committee long list include Ronald Wu and Ting Ho who also enjoyed lessons with Mary.

Mary was extremely encouraging and said how pleased she was with the process the riders were making. But emphasized how much hard work and commitment was needed leading up to 2008.