The Mini Dressage Competition gave selected riders who have the potential to compete for RDA on a regular basis, the opportunity to try their hand in the competition ring. These riders were handpicked by the Instructors, as they had shown riding potential as well as enthusiasm for horse riding.

The Mini Dressage Competition allowed these riders to gain first-hand experience of the rules of competitive dressage; what it would be like to compete in a ring, as well as an understanding of the commitment and practice it takes to reach a higher level.

None of these riders had previously competed locally or internationally and are still in need of some guidance from their leaders and instructors during their ride in the arena. It is hoped that by holding these Mini Dressage Competitions on a regular basis, RDA HK will be able to find the next rider that can make the transition from Rehab-Rider to Sports-Rider.

It was an added honour to have Sue judge the annual Mini Dressage Competition on 26th November. Her advice to leaders and comments for the athletes will be remembered and put into action in the coming year.