Timothy Tsang Tin Chi, both of his legs has severe problems, and it was 9 years ago that his parents had arranged these riding lessons as his rehabilitation program. Timothy said: My mom told me back then that I could not stand up properly, I’ve got no strength at all. It was under the recommendations of the center to get me involved with the program conducted by RDA which might be beneficial for my leg problem, it’s been 9 years now, I could pretty much say I grew up with the Association.

Timothy like the other two potential riders are the same when they first touch these horses, they all admit they were afraid at first. I can remember the first time I saw these horses, I yell out loud, I am scared because they are big animal. But after years of practicing, fear no longer exist, my confidence grew bigger and bigger. Timothy said.

The past 9 years has changed Timothy a lot, all in a positive way. Firstly, with the biggest changes are both my legs, I could not walk at all but now without using any aids, I can walk and so that has been my biggest change. Now that I know how to control a horse, making my body balance and very coordinated. At the same time, people here come from everywhere with friends, instructors & helpers and I have learn how to get along with them just like one big family.

Timothy was competing with Bryan earlier and won the competition, he said he did not believe it at first. ¡¥I felt as if I did not perform well enough and thought I probably got third, but being the winner, I was very surprise. After that, I am now more confident, hopefully I could one day be Nelson Yip and represent Hong Kong to take part in bigger events like the paralympics.