The Annual General Meeting of the Riding for the Disabled Association was held on 3rd December 2018, at The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Happy Valley Clubhouse.

Dr. Simon Ip, Former President of RDA, and Mr. Thomas Yeung, Chairman of RDA reported on the major activities and achievements during 2018, including but not limited to the Hong Kong Junior Para-Dressage Training Programme, and the RDA Annual Charity Ball. Dr. Ip also expressed his gratitude to the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust and all donors who have continuously supported RDA.

During the meeting, Dr. Simon Ip talked about his experience as President of RDA over the past 3 years. He mentioned how much he enjoyed meeting the riders and seeing their progress and improvement through horseback riding. He also expressed how proud he was to have worked with so many dedicated members of RDA who contribute their time to fundraising, organizing and managing RDA functions. Dr. Ip went on to wish the Chairman of RDA, all committee members and volunteers continued success in carrying on the good work of RDA, and to congratulate his successor Dr. Anthony Chow, who has been elected as the new President of RDA.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Thomas Yeung presented a plaque to Dr. Simon Ip, to express his gratitude for the momentous and prosperous years that RDA experienced under his leadership. Mr. Yeung also presented plaques to those stepping down from their positions as Voting Members and to Ms. Ann Kwok who accepted plaques on behalf of Dr. Edgar Cheng & Dr. York Chow.

The meeting was followed by an enjoyable dinner. The 2018 Annual General Meeting concluded with good wishes for RDA to continue making positive contributions to the Hong Kong disabled community in the year ahead.